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5 best neck firming exercises

5 best neck firming exercises

Here are some of the best exercises that you can practice at home to firm you neck muscles and skin and to avoid shagging neck or turkey neck. Why not give it a try at home when you are free?

The neck lift exercise

This is one of the best exercises as identified, and will help you to reduce the neck fat and tighten your loosen neck and jaw finally firming your neck muscles. This is simple and very effective. You can try this at home with less effort, at any place, at any time of the day and here is the total solution for your sagging neck skin. This allows you to stress your front neck muscles and will help to tighten the muscles under your chin. You just need to sit relaxed in a comfortable chair and relax your shoulders and then lift your chin up towards the ceiling pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then slowly come down while keeping your tongue pressing to the roof of your mouth and repeat this slowly until you feel that neck muscles are fatigue. You can also do this standing but you need to be very relaxed and comfortable. With this you can get rid of the turkey neck without the surgery. This is simple, effective, attractive and cost-effective.

Jawline exercise

All you have to do here is to look straight and then tilt you neck back until you see the ceiling as much as back you can. When doing this you should allow your lips to relax and keep them closed. Once you are in this position just pretend that you are chewing something. You just have to pretend and repeat this motion for 20 times before you return to the normal position. This will strain your neck muscles if you do not follow the simple rules. Therefore take care of yourself before you try this out and never try this out without the assistance of another especially if this is your first time.

Exercise for tightening loosen sagging neck

For this you have lie comfortably on the bed and drop your head down over the edge of your bed. You should not be doing this if you have any strains in spine and neck muscles. The first movement is to drop your neck down. Then slowly raise the neck up until it is parallel to your body and chest. Hold on for 10 seconds and drop the neck slowly again and relax a while and repeat the movement. This strengthen your inner, front and back neck muscles and firms your neck.

The neck roll exercise

This not only firms your neck muscles but also tightens your muscles in the jaws, mouth, and lips as well as the ears and forehead. What you have to do is to tilt your neck and rotate is clockwise and anti-clockwise in equal motions relaxing your shoulders.

Stretch neck exercise

All you need to do is stand up and try to stretch your neck upwards from your body. This will stretch your neck muscles and will firm your neck. This is ideal for teens and younger people and is not the most suitable exercise for the adults.

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